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Portrays Christine Daae in the 2004 movie adaptation "The Phantom of the Opera." Looks more like the monkey than the diva.
What a miscast! Emmy Rossum should have been cast as the monkey in The Phantom of the Opera, not Christine!
by Christin April 17, 2005

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a fine canadian teen drama, many laughs. noggin, you've done good by me.
Degrassi is on. Must.Watch.
by christin September 18, 2003

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a way to show the world how quickly you give up on hobbies
1: this is a nice baseball bat, where did you get it?
2: i used to play but i gave up so now i'm selling it for two cents
by christin September 06, 2003

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Instrument used to open beer cans.
Conrad Birdie: "You got a church key, man?"
Mr. McAfee: "We've got a church, but it's open."
Conrad Birdie: "A can opener, man! Man, you're from nowhere like."
by Christin June 17, 2004

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Term used by fangirls to refer to Richard Roxburgh's portrayal of Count Dracula in the movie Van Helsing. Roxburgh + Dracula = Roxula.
Fangirl: Roxula is sooo hot! I went to see Van Helsing for the tenth time today just so I could drool over him!
by Christin June 17, 2004

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a gangsta whom by definition is also a pranksta
dang, yo. that foolio is a gangsta pranksta.
by christin August 02, 2003

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Can be used to replace the word 'whatever'
Girl: Gosh, you're so gay.
Boy: W
by Christin February 26, 2005

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