3 definitions by Chris Redfield

n. A hyperbole used to represent a large amount of something.
I'm downloading an internet's worth of porn over here, sweeet balls!

Dude you have like an internet's worth of booze, i am going to be SO DRUNK.
by Chris Redfield August 14, 2005
yep it was a Fansub Group once with good rules nice channel politics and interesting subs lately just boring the mainchan filled with lots of people the subbinggroup unable to finish what they start and seems like they lost support by other groups reason prolly all this habits
by Chris Redfield July 30, 2003
The actual definition is a bit vague, and globally applicable. Although the pool usage may mean backspin, it actually can mean anything. It is comparable to the phrases "elbow grease" or "heat" from baseball, in the fact that it is a metaphor for a non-existent amplifier.
I had to put some english on my handgun to get it to fire.

I put some english on my car to get it the last mile.

I put some english on that punch, it knocked him cold.
by Chris Redfield July 28, 2005