4 definitions by ChillBilly75

Bill: Did you hook up with Stacy?
Ted: You mean the one with the one eyed crabcake?
Bill: yea...
by ChillBilly75 December 19, 2011
Short for the Band, River City Seven

R- River
C- City
7- Seven

A totally awesome cover band that focuses on entertainment value. It is rumored that The Marshall Tucker Band closed a show for them once.
Brent: Hey did you see the Marshall Tucker Band concert in Savannah?

Will: Didn't they close for the RC7?
by ChillBilly75 January 5, 2012
A question asked after someone has expressed grief or anger to further piss them off more.
Person 1: God I am so pissed off right now. This damn thing doesn't work right!
Troll: Y U MAD?
by ChillBilly75 December 16, 2011
1. The act of doing something awesome as a large group.

2. Where all of your friends meet in one location of a city, like Applebees to drink.

3. Play on words, symbolizing the peg on google maps.
Ralph: We're gonna have a PegParty on Friday!
John: Kick ass! Who name's their child Ralph anymore?
by ChillBilly75 December 28, 2011