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One of the most AIDS CVs you can face in World of Warships. Its planes can fly through flak with its massive 25,000 HP pool. The rocket planes will perforate your team's DDs with 60 HVAR rockets, its torpedo bombers will literally tear you 8 new assholes, and worst, the dive bombers with 2,000lb bombs will literally tear the nuts of your sailors off and then burn them. Thanks for the balancing wargaming.
Battleship Player: Ahhhhh, time to hit Gold Rank 1!
*Game*: FDR

Battleship Player: WTF, 8 BOMBS TOOK 30,000 health away from me?????? I ONLY HAVE 30,000 MORE!!!
FDR Player: Lul. I'm a notty.
by Cheesemeese February 1, 2021
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1. Can be used as an insult or derogatory term: stupid, base, dumbass, etc. Similar to the Chinese Term: "Minjaye" (pronounced Min Jay). Can also replace curse words or expletives.

2. A female adult actress
Person 1: Dude you're such a Notty.
Person 2: *shouts in chinese* Shut the fuck up, you Minjaye.

Person 1: Have you seen Notty's latest vid? It was so caliente.
Person 2: You watch Notty. You're such a damn Notty.
by Cheesemeese November 23, 2020
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