A Dutch trance group formed in 1997. It has two members, Benno De Goeij and Piet Bervoets. Their biggest hit is Airwave. Two Trance Energy anthems have been by Rank 1, 2005's was 'Beats@Rank-1 Dotcom' and 2009's 'L.E.D. Their Be Light.'
Person #1: Rank 1 is awesome!
Person #2: Yea right, you call that supersaw nonsense music? Rank 1 killed trance. Real trance lovers know Rank 1 and their Dutch trance ruined the genre.
Person #1: Quit being so pretentious.
by Purple Circles April 25, 2009
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A dishonest, selfish ex-content moderator of the Mario Wiki, a useless terror-filled wiki on a toxic site called Wikia/FANDOM.
Lower Rank 1 loves to pretend he is Emnu from Demon Slayer even though he is a human in real life
by y = mx + b December 14, 2021
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The Rank 1 Mentality is the belief that if you aren't the best at something now, you will be later. People with the Rank 1 Mentality are often extremely confident and prideful. They are motivated to grind every day until they are able to enjoy their spot at the top.
Without the Rank 1 Mentality you won't have the resolve needed to make it to the top.
by Talos_x October 8, 2021
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