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To masturbate while pooping, simple right?
Alex said he just had to take a dump but we know he was poosturbating since Courtney just bent over.
by Cheatachu April 02, 2008
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An RKer is someone who has sex with cats. He thinks the cats like it but they don't. Poor cats.
"Why did Jason just buy a new cat?" Asked Travis. "He's an RKer." Jake said. "I always knew thats what he meant by getting pussy!" Said Henry.
by Cheatachu January 22, 2008
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A Danago is when you have sex with a girl while having a man, usually black, shoot you in the leg. The gun is usually a .9 MM pistol. The man who is doing the girl wears a top hat and a beard resembling Abraham Lincoln so when the guy says "Who's your daddy?" the girl screams "ABRAHAM LINCOLN!"
Mark was giving it to Chris's mom Danago style when Derek shot him in the leg, although he was not black it was effective. Mark obviously screamed and so did Chris's mom, Shaniqua, but she screamed "ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!"
by Cheatachu March 04, 2008
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Used to describe someone who is fucking the coolest hip hop dude in the century ex. Cheatachu
Cheatachu is lacking awesome
by Cheatachu March 23, 2008
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This word is usually used to describe someone who is very cool and popular. They are the coolest hip-hop kid in this eternity and everyone knows it. EVERYONE. It can also be used to describe someone who is sexy.
"OH MAN! Look at Derek, hes such a cheatachu!" Said Mark. "I know what you mean I wish i was him!" Jason said.
by Cheatachu January 23, 2008
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You can "pull a Ch33zz" when a girl offers to have sex with you but you decline. Then try and say you know all about sex because you had it even though you didn't.See Coverdick
"Hey Jake, did you bone Wendy last night" said Derek. "Yeah, man i did her so hard when i stuck my balls in her pussy!." said Jake. "Don't even try it Jake, i saw you in your house last night waxing your weasel!" exclaimed Mark. "Don't pull a ch33zz!" said Derek
by Cheatachu March 09, 2008
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