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pure,or innocense
that water is chasity.
by chasity December 24, 2003

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A physical carress, involving giving a "Snog" (British for "French Kiss") and a "Snuggle" (cuddle) at the same time.
She wanted to give him a snoggle, but he snoggled her first. They exchanged many snoggles.
by Chasity July 13, 2003

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A subtle way to say that someone is going down on someone else. This phrase came into use after we had to explain to a somewhat uniformed friend what "going down" meant.
Nico is getting her toenails painted by a hot Australian boy.
by Chasity May 03, 2004

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The sound you make when you squeal. Is allways spelled "Squee!" with a capital "S" and two "e's and allways with one "!" Can also be used as a substitute for "Weee!" and the like. Online it can be used in place of *squeals*.
Squee! This is fun!
by Chasity July 31, 2003

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a person from Wales or New Zealand
Mat and Trav may be feep shuckers
by Chasity September 05, 2003

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hoochie, lucifer, devil, evil, all in one.
Chazy and sammie are hoochiefers
by Chasity September 14, 2003

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Mat's happy smilie. This is Mat's own personal version of :)
Mat: =:0) yay! Gay Bar is on!
by Chasity September 05, 2003

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