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v. to sit crammed in the middle of two people in the back seat of an automobile

(sitting bitch= adj.)

see: Get rich or sit bitch.
Everyone got to the car first so I had to sit bitch.
by Chaseface April 23, 2005
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the division of the New School University that extolls the virtues of procrastination and whining; classes include Feminist Geography and the Gentrification of Zimbabwe

see "Langer"
1) Did you do your homework?
2) No, I go to Eugene Lang.
by Chaseface April 23, 2005
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n. one who inserts dildos into peanutbutter

2) a ridiculous person
Fuck you to whoever was a big enough asshole to fuck with my food. I don't at all think it's funny and you're slimy shitheads. You're ridiculous people.
by Chaseface April 23, 2005
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adj. the state of having large spherical, fatty orbs present in front of the ribcage

2) endowed with a large chest
Damn, that girl be sportin the bigginz.
by Chaseface April 24, 2005
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located on 150 W 85th St.; a conservatory of music attended by musicians who did not get into Eastman, Julliard, or MSM; population consists mostly of Asians and pretentious teachers and students professing a love for the academia of music over the music itself
The homeless violinist, while playing for thankless travellers on the A train remembered his glory days at the Mannes School of Music.
by Chaseface April 23, 2005
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