3 definitions by Chaoticgamer

Generally nice to people until you insult, make fun of, or disagree with her. Then she will beat you to death with nearest blunt object. Also really enjoys the cat in the hat movie for some reason.
by Chaoticgamer November 8, 2021
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When you search up thiccnos on google without inconito mode on.
I found out my mom llsearchs up thiccnos because she did not put on inconito. ZOO WEE MAMA
by Chaoticgamer May 10, 2019
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When your mom stops the car suddenly and try to protect you by putting her arm across your chest but she just ends up karate chopping you in the throat.
Friend: How did you end up in the hospital.
Me: I got the mom arm.
by Chaoticgamer February 11, 2020
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