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Past tense for glow
Man, Keith glewed up over the summer. He used to dress like a bum.
by Chad T. Worthingtons January 29, 2021

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White people who underestimate how bad a problem is by default because they are never personally exposed to that problem. * It is not a personal attack or a moral judgement of how difficult your life is.
White guy: There's a K9 police cruiser. Let me look inside.
Black guy: Dude, get away from that car!!! Do you wanna be arrested?!?
White guy: Arrested?!? It's not illegal to look in a cop car.
Black guy: Don't worry about it, that's just your white privilege talking.
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by Chad T. Worthingtons September 17, 2017

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Something done with the audacity of white privilege.

An act showing little compassion towards people of color.
W.G: Those #BlackLivesMatter guys don't say anything when black people kill each other.

POC: Your caucacity is disgusting.
by Chad T. Worthingtons February 19, 2017

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