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This term is used when a relationship is official, and you know so becuase the couple changes their status from either "single" or "it's complicated" to "in a relationship" on Facebook.
Guy 1: "Dude, I met this fly girl last night and we had a really good time, so I looked her up on Facebook..."
Guy 2: "And...."
Guy 1: "She's Facebook official with some douche bag."
Guy 2: "Ouch bro.
by Cfrau15 March 10, 2009

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When you are at a club, bar or other place to meet a woman, and you buy her an entire bank accouts worth of drinks and other things to get with her, and she still doesn't go home with you.
Guy 1 "Dude did you get with that honey last night?"
Guy 2 "No man and I am out $50 bucks becuase of her appletinis, she was just a fee-male"
by Cfrau15 March 09, 2009

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The cowboy is for any one living out west. This is where a full chew spitter is poured onto the penis to be used as anal or vaginal lubrication. And if the girl is a chewer her self, you can just get dome while she has a fatty in. This works just as well.
dude, when I was at that old west bar downtown sine girl asked if I was down for the cowboy. And I said hell yeah.
by cfrau15 February 06, 2008

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