6 definitions by Carson Pumper

When a bunch of drunks eat a bunch of crabs, they will often leave behind piles of crab carcasses. In the elite world of crab tasting and crab consumption, said piles are referred to as piles of "crab carcaii."
I was eatin crabs with this homo and we threw all the scraps into this pile and called it a crab carcaill pile.

Hey Joey you dumb fuck- that's my pile of crab carcaii!

I killed my ex-wife and dumped her body into a pile of crab carcaii. I think she was indian.
by Carson Pumper May 29, 2006
Mafioso slang for "idiot" or "moron."
Eh stungatz!

I say we wack this freakin stungatz before he brings down alot of heat on us!

You stungatz! I told yous not to put too much unjins in the sauce! Madonn'!

Stungatz! Don't forget- I still run this family- right or wrong!
by Carson Pumper April 19, 2006
A huge turd sticking half-way out of a toilet
"Hey Ricky, sorry about leaving that ocean canoli in your toilet."
by Carson Pumper January 30, 2006
Mafioso slang for a mob employee who is a hard worker and of good value to the family. Typically someone is considered a "good earner" because they bring in more money to the organization than they take out. An employee could also be considered a good earner if he/she exhibits a special skill set, such as a keen ability to remember numbers, or being very good at killing people.

People inside the Gambino family wanted to whack John Gotti early in his career because of some outlandish stuff he pulled, but they kept him around because he was a good earner.

Paulie? Why you fuckin wanna whack Paulie? Paulie's a good earner. You're not fuckin whackin Paulie.
by Carson Pumper May 26, 2006
"A friend of ours" is a made guy in the mafia. This term is used when a mobster is introducing another mobster to his mobsterfriends.
When a mobster is introducing a friend who is NOT a mobster to his mob friends, he will say that the person is "a friend of mine."
This is my friend Nino- he is a friend of ours.

Madonn'! Youz can't touch Vinny- he's a friend of ours!

Bill was not a friend of ours. I don't think we'll be seeing too much of Bill no more.
by Carson Pumper April 19, 2006
Hit-man or mafia soldier. Button men usually do the dirty work/muscle work for their mob bosses.

For numerous reasons, button men have very limited direct contact with the mob bosses/family heads- there are usually buffers between the button men and their bosses.
I'm a button man...When the boss says to push a button on a guy, I push a button...
by Carson Pumper June 7, 2006