Official member of the American Mafia, which of course does not exist except in movies
It ain't wise to insult him; he's a "made guy."
by cornholio October 5, 2003
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A fucking shitty bitch of a cunt that has no other use except to lick peoples balls. He is a gay dickhead who plays geometry dash in his grandma's basement on his $10, second hand, 1979 iPhone negative 2.
"Have you seen Leo?" "Uhhh... no. I thought that he was a gay cunt." Dave replies. "Oh haha. No... I was talking about Leo the nice one from America. Not the little ball sucker from grade 7: Leo a made up guy." "Ohhhhhh... No, I haven't seen him." Dave then says.
by Bigshaq4657 June 7, 2019
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