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1. The fullest and complete way to express how amazingly low (yet still present) the effort going into any sort of task is.

2. Expression of the 'best, worst, best' of something.
Dave: "I tried thought about making you a cake for your birthday, but it was looking to be too hard. So I traced this picture out of the cook-book for you.. with crayons. Happy Birthday or whatever,"

Mitch: "...thanks Dave, that is the most Terrifantastibad effort anyones every made for me!"


Matt: "Terrifantastibad Dragon Fanart is now a meme."
by Carni-Fuu October 09, 2013

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A 'News Article' but only smaller!

Plural: 'News Particles'
A smaller yet News Particle: 'News Particlette'

Coined on ActFur on Air podcast Episode 9, Season 4
Lead Editor: "Well Larry, you article is okay, but just quite big enough to a front page feature.. We're gonna have to shift it in with the 'particles on page 7"

Larry: "The Particles, sir?"

Lead Editor: "Yup! News Particles from 7 onward, sorry Lars!"
by Carni-Fuu November 05, 2012

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A condensation of the word 'flirt' in that it is rushed or shortened.

For example; rushing the end of a pick-up line to catch public transport.

flirt fumble flirt speedate
"hey babeh, your so hot thAT ITS LIKE,TOOHOTFORMETOHNDLE OK BYE!"

"Are you firting with me?"
"Heck nah girl! I was taking my time"
"you have one foot out the door"
by Carni-Fuu October 06, 2016

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