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Eleven nine, 119, or 11-9 (can also be hyphenated Eleven-nine).
Potentially a disastrous terrorist attack, much like 911, but instituted upon oneself, rather than by outside forces. An event that stuns people and which they'll never forget for its impact on themselves.
Based on 11-9 (9 November) as the day after the 2016 Presidential election.

Waiting to see.}
You created your own 119 so deal with it.
He was so excited to finally get a date with her he turned it into an eleven-nine.
Never forget 119
by Captain Smokeblower November 09, 2016
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Derogatory term for Apple's integrated user interface experience for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (and more loosely Apple computers). Reference is to a mass suicide/murder by a religious group who were given Koolaid laced with poison by their leaders. The implication is using one Apple product leads to acceptance of others.
He can't buy an iPod because he's afraid once he drinks Apple's iKoolaid he'll end up with the whole suite Then all his friends will raze him about all his anti-Apple rants.
by Captain Smokeblower April 04, 2011
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Armijello is a contraction of "Arm" and "Jello".

Armijello is the arm wattle displayed by some older people that wobbles like Jello. It is the floppy, loose skin hanging down from the person's triceps area when they extend an arm horizontally. It is the result of the skin having lost elasticity and drooping away from the muscle and bone. Armijello resembles the wattle on certain birds in consistency, hence it's other name, "Arm wattle."
On the road today we were passed by a 70 something grandma riding her Harley. At first I thought she had on a fringed buckskin jacket, but as she passed us I realized she was wearing a short sleeve shirt and it was her armijello flapping in the breeze.
by Captain Smokeblower February 15, 2014
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Any of Apple's devices whose name begins with the two letter sequence, "iP," i.e. an iPhone, iPad, or iPod (Touch).

Generally iPx is used to avoid specifying which particular device a person or group of people are using.
If the person is talking about communication between iPx devices the reference would exclude all iPods except the iPod Touch because the other iPods can not access the World Wide Web directly.
Plural is either "iPxs" or "iPxes."
The wife and I are not going to travel this Christmas, but we'll video chat with everyone because we all have at least one iPx.
The grand parents on their iPxes will get to see the little ones open presents in real time.
by Captain Smokeblower December 16, 2011
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An older person addicted to using bunches of apps on his or her smart phone. Especially someone overly eager to share TMI about what apps they use.
An important distinction is the person doesn't just have the apps loaded on their phone, but uses them.
Dude: My grandpa tracks his diet, blood pressure, weight, exercise regimen, stock prices, medication schedule, all the family pictures, and tracks everyone's birthday with his smart phone, but doesn't have a single game on the darn thing.

Dudette: He sounds like a real appasaurus.
Dude: Yeah, but I can't complain too much. He just deposited $50 to my checking account, for my birthday, from his phone. Before he got the phone he never remembered my birthday.
by Captain Smokeblower November 16, 2012
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