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1. The red skin hanging from a turkey's neck/throat.
2. A male cameltoe.
1. That turkey had a large wattle.
2. Damn. That guy needs to stop wearing such tight clothes! Didn't you see his wattle?
by Banghead November 9, 2003
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1 the thing that hangs from a turkey neck. obiously. it says that in a previous definition!

2 a hangin-ass pussy.
"that bitch whipped out her hangin-ass vagina!"
"you mean 'wattle'?"
"no, fuck you."
by pe to the ter January 31, 2005
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The act of watching a wattles video or playing Minecraft
Hey john it’s time for bed.

Not now mom, I’m wattling
by ROBOTHEMAX June 24, 2019
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When someone could not screw something up any worse and then does, it is known as a wattling.
Damn, way to go wattling, you douche bag.
by Wellers January 22, 2007
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The extreme version of waffle. Can be used In serious arguments and can be used in any type of context
Nahh ur wattling or ur a wattler
by Lemonk November 30, 2019
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One who is characterized by a chronic addiction to Pepsi, Myspace, and porn. Is often assumed to be a mentally retarded pedophile. Physically unimpressive: concave chest, pimply bony face, frazzled unwashed hair, and no ass whatsoever.
Hey, look at that douchebag over there drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi and ogling those 8th graders! He is such a Wattles
by AJ the Vag December 6, 2008
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