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A girl who says one thing, but will do another if it will get her drunk.
Hey dude, aren't you and Alcorn dating?

Depends on if I'm buying her a drink. Right now shes with that guy. Tomorrow? The world...
by Captain Wonderful March 26, 2008

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A Sorenson is Someone who pushes carts at a convenient store.

The average Sorenson takes their job way to seriously, and tells people they are in charge of security.

A Sorenson will never remove his sunglasses, indoors, nighttime etc. Its all the same to him.
Steve: Hey man, check out that Sorenson.

Chuck: Why is he wearing sunglasses? The sun went down an hour ago... Why is he wearing a black belt and kicking things?

Steve: He pretends to know martial arts, leave the Sorenson alone.
by Captain Wonderful March 26, 2008

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A Morgan Young is a wisecracking roommate that doesnt enjoy watching you fornicate with a loved one. She tends to watch Roseanne at awkward hours of the morning.
Checie: "What are you people doing?"
Morgan Young: "What do you mean 'you people'?"

by Captain Wonderful April 18, 2008

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