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The hottest girl in the world... watch the girl next door you'll see what I'm talking about....
Example: If you ever see Elisha Cuthbert you will most likely feel your stomach drop to the ground.
by Cali4niaBreez September 25, 2005
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The most commonly found aftermarket cat-back exhaust system found on motor vehicles, especially domestic trucks and suv's. Generally popular for their relatively affordable price, large tip diameter, and loudass sound, they are one of the best selling exhaust systems to date. Although restrictive in design, most people think that the vehicles whom are equipped with such product is faster because they are fucking dumbshits when really it just chambers the exhuast flow to attain a certain frequency of sound that is relatively annoying and increases interior resonance. If you would like to be original with the sound of your car, don't buy a flowmaster. Flowmaster comes in several models, all of which suck my ass.
Dumbass: "hey did you hear that truck with the flows on it, it was fucking sick."

Me: "Fuck Flowmaster, they can kiss my ass."
by Cali4niaBreez October 3, 2005
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To have all 4 wheels of a vehicle move at the same time while powered by the drivetrain. Commonly found on most Subaru motor vehicles, they help to attain some sick-ass 60's.
"Fucking launch that AWD shit."
"We got AWD we'll rip you out of the whole, bitch."
"AWD is tits."
by Cali4niaBreez September 25, 2005
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The act of doing something without motivation or care as to the quality of the object at hand. To not give a shit.
Jon: "Damn we have a paper due tommorow?"

Chris: "Dude, don't fucking half-ass that shit."
by Cali4niaBreez October 5, 2005
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To confirm with antoher individual and (or) animal that it will be ass-beaten in a short time.
Dan: Hey bitch
Samsung: Smoke yous biotch.
by Cali4niaBreez September 25, 2005
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