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a small city South of Los Angeles, California. (South Central). Compton is Gang Capital of America. Home of the violent street gangs Crips and Bloods/Pirus. This city is drug infested, heavy crimes, drug dealers, gangstas, pimps and prostitutes. Compton is so violent and corrupt the police gave up on Compton and let it rot, also due to the police are scared because Compton started the "Fuck Da Police" movement and police has been getting killed like it aint nothing. There is no active police department in Compton, so you're fucked if you go there and get in trouble. Wear the wrong colors and the crips and bloods gonna kill your bitch ass. A very poor, very violent city. You're pretty much fucked up if you live there. Pure notorious ghetto, known as CPT.
The most dangerousw hood in america is COMPTON!!!!
by Ca$he$ August 09, 2006

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The most notorious, violent, crip gang in Compton California. One of the largest and most known. They are on the southside of East Compton, from E. Greenleaf Blvd, to Long bEach Road, Alondra and Sana Fey. They hang out at South Park and are known for the deadly shooting of rapper 2pac.
South Side Compton Crips run compton!!
by Ca$he$ August 02, 2006

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a term members of the Crip gang call eacother
I'm a crip, a cuzz, a loc, and a rip ryder
by Ca$he$ August 09, 2006

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wanna be gangsta, wearing gang-colored bandana's (flags)and not part of a gang
pretending to be something your not
Look at that mothafucca with the blue flags on, That nigga aint no real crip, he false flaggin
by Ca$he$ August 08, 2006

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Members of the crips use the term "chunk up the c" when they see eacother, most often used in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern, california. Derrived from the term chunk da dueces.

Crips throw up their gang hand sign, the C as others throw up the peace sign.
*An O.G. crip walks pass an unknown baby crip wearing blue rags*

O.G.: Aye, cuzz , chunk up the C

*the baby crip throws up the C and his gang sign to let the O.G. know that he's not false flagginand he knows the signs.
by Ca$he$ August 02, 2006

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1. To Fuck a girl
2. To Fight
3. To Shoot
4. part of a gang/ particpates in gang activites
1. "I'm about to bang this hoe"
2. "aye nigga you talking to much shit we gotta bang"
3. "Where my 9mm so I can bang on this bitch ass nigga."
4. A) That nigga gang bang to the fullest for the crips.
B) aye nigga you bang?
by Ca$he$ August 02, 2006

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The best clan in the online game called Runescape. Picture this: The highest combat level in runescape is level 126. It may take 1-3 years or even more to get to level 120. Damage Inc has 150+ members and they're average combat level is level 122+!!! All except maybe 3 other clans, No clans has a combat avergae of leve 115. Everyclan fear them, hence they are hated by many, and worshipped by even more. They'll beat the fuck out of any other clan in a clan War and its impossible for them to lose. They are all rich and they own the wilderness. Led by Ghjjf.
OMG Damage Inc is here, everybody run, log out, and teleport!!@@@
by Ca$he$ August 09, 2006

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