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it's when u all throw down money... lets say $20 and who ever fucks the fattest chick gets the money
by cracka October 15, 2003

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Jiztizz is the nickname for the male with the biggest wang in his class.
He's the Jiztizz
by Cracka April 16, 2004

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That's my mutha fuckin mirlk biotch!!!
by cracka August 30, 2003

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The coordination of a persons wrist and pointer finger, middle finger and thumb to creat a snapping sound.
Dave: Yo dawg check this *snap*
Bob: WHOAH DAWG, what was that?
Dave: That my brother is a Gangsta Snap.
by Cracka November 28, 2004

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a nickname for one who has an egg shaped head, usually immense in size, other names consist of egg nog, big head, and "wow"
Tripp is known as egg head because of the immense size of his head
by Cracka February 19, 2004

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lame bastard
Jedi is a lame bastard.
by CRACKA January 27, 2003

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As a White monta vista student surrounded by stuck up over acheivers w/ no life asians (like 73%of the school), i would like to state that the majority of the remaining white population of mv doesn't give two shits to what the asians do or what classes they take. We get by just fine w/ c's.
Asian student: hey what classes u get?
White student: dude y da fuck do u care what u got?
Asian student: calculus, APUSH, Economics, Java, Physics AP-
White student: dude i was lost at what was it calculas? man yer fuckin retarded
by Cracka May 06, 2005

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