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A saying used when you want to tell someone who's interested in your girlfriend/boyfriend to back off. Using this saying means not only 'back off' but that the target is your property.
Yo, I see you flirting with my man over there. You need to get off my Kool Aid. He's mine so find your own.
by COURTNEYMARET May 17, 2010

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To overwhelm or destroy; devastating;
"I gave him a withering look" (a look intended to make the other person feel inferior and warned)
by COURTNEYMARET January 14, 2009

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When a woman has been screwed over by men one too many times and needs the comfort, familiarity, emotionally openness and honesty of another woman but only for a short time - long enough to get her sanity back and to recharge her batteries before heading back into the dating world, where many men will still be looking to lie to her, cheat on her, have sex with her and never call her again, not be willing to share their feelings or thoughts with her, be afraid to commit to her, etc. (all the things a woman would not be as apt to do, in the lesbian vacationer's eyes, thus the temporary tryst being a nice respite).
Eddie has left the toilet seat up AGAIN?!? Ugh, I am so taking a lesbian vacation with Amy at my office - the one who surprised me with a vanilla latte last Friday. I bet SHE would listen when I talk and respect my wishes."
by COURTNEYMARET March 13, 2010

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Referring to something as being super white, almost to the point of flourescing blue, as George Michael's teeth did when he was part of the 80's group Wham.
"Man, I've got to get a tan 'cause my legs are wham white."
by COURTNEYMARET July 07, 2009

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