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A phrase used to describe the occurance in hold 'em style poker in which the cards on the flop match perfectly to the two cards held in your hand during the previous deal.
I experienced flop lag over and over again during last nights game. I had big slick, ace-king in the first hand and the dealer flopped a pair of aces and a king in the second hand.
by buymeflowers November 09, 2005
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The process of inhaling and snorting at the same time. The process usually involves something entering your nose accidently during an inhale. Opposite of exnort.
He laughed so hard while taking a drink of his soda, he inhorted it.
by BuyMeFlowers June 20, 2006
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The process of exhaling through ones nose , often rapidly, what one accidently inhales through the mouth. The opposite of inhort.
He exnorted cola when the joke was told. The burning sensation lasted for several minutes
by BuyMeFlowers June 20, 2006
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