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The act of taking off ones hoop earrings, adjusting their weave, extending both arms out straight and flailing rhythmically.

However, black rage is solely the responsibility of white people (specifically cisgender, heteronormative, white men who exhibit toxic masculinity). Since all black behavior is driven by white behavior, the white man should take steps to analyze their own white rage so that it won't trickle down into black rage.
Look yall, Shanequa has taken off her hoops... she is about to go into a fit of black rage.
by ButterTheMob August 22, 2021
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When you've been studying hard and and being a good person, you need to pick up your heavy book to read it. You will need to get it up.
Hey class I hope you were all able to get it up last night, we've got a test to take!
by ButterTheMob September 25, 2019
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Any white person who disagrees with any non white person about any topic
White person: I dont think universal healthcare is a practical solution to the healthcare problem in america
Any non-white person: That's because you are racist
by ButterTheMob July 23, 2019
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A baby who holds all the secrets about triangles, often times used by NASA. Unfortunately no one cares about triangles because they are not round. He was therefore cast into the ocean for all of eternity.
I drove my car to NASA where all the astronauts were takin the SAT's then I ran into the room and shouted "bad news space men, god is real and math is for lunatics. I'm going to throw the trigonometry baby into the ocean"
by ButterTheMob July 29, 2019
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A question asked to determine which exit someone takes when "getting off" the interstate.
Person 1: So I stole my sons birthday money and honestly dont feel bad about it..

Person 2: Oh my god, where do you get off?

Person 1: I usually take exit 9.

Person 2: Ah I see, okay what were you saying about your stupid son?
by ButterTheMob November 13, 2019
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