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Where one uses the keyboard with great speed and accuracy in an RTS game to control multiple units at a time. Some players with extensive ubermicro can control their worker or builder units to build a base whilst also controlling their offensive units.
Apparantly, RTS noobs often forget that the keyboard exists.
This term was made more popular by the internet show purepwnage.
Jeremy: I was like playing generals and like this guy was like a total noob so I like used my ubermicro to control like 50 units on like three fronts and I like owned him!
by Burningmace March 11, 2006

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Used to obfuscate links on forums and imageboards (such as 4chan) to either circumvent link blocking or to prevent the links from being indexed by search engines such as Google. Also helps deter lamers, bots and newfags from hoarding files from sites which have limited bandwidth.

The hxxp:// prefix is often used in hacked password lists for pornsites to help prevent them from being deactivated.
by Burningmace October 26, 2007

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The order, in mathematics, of precedence of operations:
Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.

So 3 + (3 * 4)

Often used as a dumbed down version of PEMDAS. Quite widely used in the British OCR GCSE mathematics course.

Very much different to ordered precedence, whereby the equation is processed in order of writing.
Using BODMAS, 3 + 8 * 2 = 19
Using ordered precedence, 3 + 8 * 2 = 22

This can be fixed using brackets, (3 + 8) * 2 = 22
by Burningmace July 16, 2006

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noun. A person who is capible of using his/her brain but refuses to out of arrogance. This word comprises of the two words that make up its meaning: "Fucking Retard".
You really are a fucktard.
by Burningmace July 19, 2004

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