Where one uses the keyboard with great speed and accuracy in an RTS game to control multiple units at a time. Some players with extensive ubermicro can control their worker or builder units to build a base whilst also controlling their offensive units.
Apparantly, RTS noobs often forget that the keyboard exists.
This term was made more popular by the internet show purepwnage.
Jeremy: I was like playing generals and like this guy was like a total noob so I like used my ubermicro to control like 50 units on like three fronts and I like owned him!
by Burningmace March 11, 2006
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Uber Micro, meaning to be really good at RTS style gaming. Being able to control 50 units over 3 fronts and micromanaging them all.
Playing Starcraft, any game developed by Blizzard.
by Lorne Richardson July 18, 2005
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