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a tern which originated in Sacramento,CA
used by the locals to describe the sound of pure greatness.
"holy shit dude,did you hear the deftones yet?"
by Buddha July 04, 2003

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The man in prison who has to sow you up everytime you get raped, either in the ass or by means of prison pussy. This occupation is not desired , but is needed.
Frank had to go see the prison gynecologist after his inmates de-virginized him by making a prison pussy on him.
by buddha April 07, 2004

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A person who is forever on the quest of discovering Life's mechanics and theory. family his key to love, friends are his way to joy.
Embrace and shower him with care and concern and he'll most likely do the same to you.
no known yet examples
-search in progress-
by Buddha September 15, 2004

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Another form of the word "Gravity Bong".
Smokey: Want a Geeb Deebler?
Buddha: Werd.
by Buddha March 17, 2003

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Possibly the best online-gamer ever.
Has the ability to adapt to any game, and is often accused of cheating by lamers.
by Buddha July 27, 2003

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a word for anything.
Dude, you are so berrati.
I feel so berrati.
Did you just berrati?
by Buddha October 15, 2003

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Another word for a Bong hit, aluding to the sound it makes, like scrubbing bubbles.
Hand me the 4 footer, its time for a scrub jiggla
by Buddha March 17, 2003

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