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the description of anyone who is true to themself
honesty is beautiful.
by brodie February 12, 2004

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when on an online video game, instead of typing "yay" or hooray", you type w00t!
I killed you! w00t!
by Brodie March 15, 2004

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Combination of huh and what.
Often mistaken for a grunt.
Mom: Whran blarg foblisaggle
Me: Whuh?
by Brodie March 07, 2004

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Burt Reynold Style. A reference to the movie Smokey the Bandit, a movie in which Burt Reynolds stared in.
So you'r going bandit reynold's style?
by brodie November 14, 2004

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To suck a person peen (penis)
suk mah peen!!!!11
by Brodie April 22, 2004

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Is used in reference to a positive situation or thing, similar to "sick guy". Usually used in accordance with either "magillers" or "guy".
"I just picked up a half O"
"Thats illers guy, lets get hizzy"
by brodie May 11, 2004

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Nerd and geek are often confused
A nerd is someone of high intelligence, will little social life and communication skills
A geek is someone of high intelligence, with a social life and can communicate with others
Nerd = Programmer
Geek = Programmer/Analyst
by Brodie September 05, 2003

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