12 definitions by Brisimonetti

An annoying yellow sponge who's laugh makes you want to kill yourself.
"Dude I just watched spongebob"
"I can't take spongebobs laugh"
by Brisimonetti November 11, 2014
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when you're up on the wall shaking yo booty like Miley
"Let's go wall twerking like Miley"
by Brisimonetti October 02, 2015
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A girl who wears leggings and uggs and has and iPhone. Also they have to take picture before every Starbucks.
"Your such a white girl!"
"You rocking the whit girl look."
by Brisimonetti November 11, 2014
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When your in the shower and you think your singing good but you actually sound like a dying whale.
"I was singing in the shower this morning!"
"Do you guys ever sing in the shower?"
by Brisimonetti November 13, 2014
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when you have an obsession that you can't control of saying yo mama jokes
billy: "hey sean will you help me wi...YO MAMA SO FAT SHE BROKE THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN"

sean: "so you still have your yo mama syndrome I see"
by Brisimonetti December 06, 2015
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