2 definitions by Bright Luna

A beautiful girl, who resembles a Greek Goddess. She's one of a kind, honest, kind-hearted, funny and extremely intelligent. She will never judge you based upon what choices you choose, she will always support you in every path you decide to go down. She's not afraid to be upfront and honest, when you need it most for advice. It's impossible to have a life without Cielo, when she's the one who brings the light into your life.
That's definitely a Cielo
Damn she's hot ;)
by Bright Luna February 27, 2017
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Sabrina, the craziest, most drop dead gorgeous girl you will meet. She is a lovely, cute girl, the best Sabrina to have in your life. Whenever you need her, her arms are wide open for you to go and talk about things that trouble you, or for you to have a laugh at. You will never know someone better than a Sabrina. (Even the guys can't stop looking at her, she's that pretty) She will never talk poorly about you nor judge you decisions
"I just saw the cutest girl today"
"Damn! That must be a Sabrina, lucky!"
by Bright Luna February 28, 2017
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