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Noun. A very British form of humour which derives laughs from saying something while really meaning something else. Often (though not always, contrary to popular belief) used in scathing remarks.

The word 'Sarcasm' is derived from a Greek word meaning 'tearing flesh', which is why sarcastic vegetarians are so ironic.

See also irony.
Bob: I saw 'The Others' on DVD the other day.
Dave: Oh, cool. That movie wasn't over-rated and shitty at all!
Bob: ...Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you know.
Dave: ...Fuck you.
by Brian the Goldfish April 09, 2005
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Adjective. A statement or general idea inciting or actively provoking argument between the arrogant and the idiotic; one of those few instances in which the arrogant have the ability to take the moral high ground.

...Though not often.
Bob: I'm a Satan-worshipping, homosexual, cross-dressing Barbara Streisand impersonator who lives in a Republican state.
Dave: Wow. How controversial.
by Brian the Goldfish March 14, 2005
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Adjective. A word hybrid between groovy and 'non-confrontational', usually uttered as an expression when one slightly beyond cool and slightly below 'infinitely freaking spectacular' is required.

It is worth noting that while this term is altogether suitable for colloquial and 'feigning interest' uses, it is unsuitable for sarcasm because it invariably sounds sincere. No, really.
Bob: Check out this Flash movie, Dave!
Dave: Hot shizz Bob, that's flippin' groovetational!
by Brian the Goldfish March 12, 2005
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Adjective describing someone who is persistently argumentative and contrary; someone who will always, always find some way to disagree with whatever you say just for the sake of it. Often associated with a short temper and with total logical disconnect.
Bob: So yeah, I hate those darn fundamentalists.
Dave: Yes, they do tend to be a tad small-minded.
Bob: WHAT? Are you saying you hate religious people?
Dave: Er, no...
Bob: Because my mother is religious, you know. DO YOU HATE MY MOM?! WHAT THE HELL?!
Dave: ...You're such a contramacious jerk, aren't you?
by Brian The Goldfish February 03, 2006
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Verb, 'to nurfle'; 'nurfling'; 'nurfled'.

A cuter, more sexually-inclined term for nuzzle, entirely used by creative cute people in internet chatrooms when cybersex is out of the question for whatever reason.

See also luff.
SexahGurl92: omg me luffs j00 ^-^
HawtGuy666: *kisses j00*
SexahGurl92: awwww :3 *nurfles j00 tight*
~EveryoneElse has left the room.
by Brian the Goldfish April 14, 2005
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A derogatory term used to describe an individual, usually female, who exhibits two or more of the following characteristics at any given time;

-Infinitely huge superiority complex
-Inability to distinguish between opinion and fact
-The assumption that everyone *else* is overreacting, when the opposite is true
-Transparent flamebaiting
-Extreme Japanophilia
-An ironic dislike towards patriotism
-Inability to take responsibility for one's own actions
-The assumption that constant whining does not in any way constitute "taking things seriously"
-The assumption that talking being someone's back is okay unless it's about oneself

This term originated on a relatively obscure video game forum as the screen name of a particularly unpleasant member hated by the majority for the reasons given above, and has since leaked out on the internet to become a fairly offensive insult.

It can be used as either an adjective or a noun.
Generic forum browser: "I sincerely apologise, but I wish to express an opinion which marginally differs from your own."
Generic Arion: "LMAO you're retarded"
Passer-by: "Wow. That chick just Arion'd him up something fierce."
by Brian The Goldfish January 14, 2006
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