47 definition by Brian X

The patron saint of the geek kitchen.
After watching Good Eats for a couple of weeks, I too am now an Alton Brown whore... and I'm proud of it.
by Brian X June 22, 2003

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Fark cliche. Might have come from a dog food commercial in the early 90s.
Apparently dogs want steak. Who knew?
by Brian X November 29, 2003

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Archaic 1990s slang for a liberal celebrity with a personal connection to former President Bill and current Senator Hillary Clinton. Examples include Barbra Streisand, Carly Simon, and a good number of other well-known Hollywood types. Distinguished from true progressives by being largely a bunch of rich, connected limousine liberals.
by Brian X September 28, 2003

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Male-hating, PC, whiney left-wing-extremist bitch. Not to be confused with those who want equal rights and respect for women, and all people in general; such people can be found all over the political spectrum (except among the Religious Right and their allies, that is).
by Brian X July 01, 2003

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