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The sexual act that involves two women on all fours backed up to each other butt-to-butt. A male then inserts his penis in to one girls butt and his balls in the other girls butt.

The advanced move requires both girls to clench around the their respective male members and crawl in opposite directions.
Hey Josh, can you wife come over tonight? Susan and I want to experiment with a soviet butt shovel and we need a second girl. You can hold the camera!
by BreakBeatDrums August 24, 2015
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When the female pubic region has hair that extends above the belly-button.
Grant's mom won the Floyd county's super bush contest with a pubic area that measured approximately one square meter.
by BreakBeatDrums July 28, 2015
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When a gay person, particularly a male, farts during the act of anal intercourse. Further definition suggests that during said act, fecal matter may actually enter the urethra of said sexual protagonist thus causing great physical harm and potentially catastrophic internal sexual damage to both parties involved.
Ryan was tricked into anal sex with a $3.00 transvestite at the quickie-mart, he/she fagget farted all over his dick and now he's HIV positive he never wants to pack fudge again.
by BreakBeatDrums November 12, 2010
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When you take a shit and the outcome looks like Eli Manning.
Dan ate a bunch of Indian food and had a record setting Derp Drop. It was a spitting image of Eli Manning.
by BreakBeatDrums February 18, 2021
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When a man slides his boner between the lips of a woman's vagina without penetrating. The act of boner canoeing is often done in a pool, river, or lake.
Dude! Look over there, Jared is giving Tina a boner canoe!
by BreakBeatDrums July 21, 2015
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The act of jerking off into the pouch of a kangaroo.
Adam was high as fuck on Pseudoephedrine and jerked off in that kangaroo's pouch, he's a regular Jerkin' Joey!
by BreakBeatDrums September 03, 2015
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