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Large stick from a tree that occupants of "the ghetto" use to strike each other with.
Ahm 'bout to bust this chizzle ova' yo' head biotch!
by Boxxcarr September 10, 2003

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One who packs teh fudge;dumbass;assclown;one who wears teh asshat;etc...
You goddamn assfinkler, if you don't put down my sandwich in 2 seconds, I am going to pop your nuts in a vicegrip.
by Boxxcarr September 15, 2003

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boner; erection you get after watching porn for 9 hours
I had a stiffen zeecock from teh buttsekz!1!11!
by Boxxcarr September 08, 2003

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In the early 21st century, a very incompetent and ignorant boy said, "Hey, lick my chode!" Thus, the word chode was dubbed.
Definition: 1. The male private part.
2. A huge nose. 3. A word that is capable of being substituted for use of any word in the English dictionary.
One day, a boy was taking a nice morning stroll down the street. He came across an old homeless man. Then the boy proceeded to whip out his penis. The boy said to the old homeless man, "Hey chode, lick my chode and I'll give you a fat wad of chode."
by Boxxcarr May 25, 2004

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