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The Frontman of the popular British Metal Act, Iron Maiden, One of the greatest ever metal artists ever.

He was the successor of the band after Paul Di'anno, left after the "Fear of the Dark" album and Blaze Bailey stepped in and Bruce came back on the 2000 album "Brave New World" and has been there ever since
"666 the number of the beast, hell and fire was sworn to be released!"
by Bob Bobberson June 06, 2005
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Used in the famous movie "Blade Trinity" by Ryan Renold's Character as an insult on one of his vampiric captors. it's just a basic insult that can be used on anyone when angry
Person 1: Did you get me that DVD then
Person 2: hmmm... No!
Person 1: You Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt!
by Bob Bobberson June 06, 2005
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The dumbass who cooked up a story about iraq having WMD's just to keep the armies of the world busy because he couldn't find Bin Laden.
Dress him up a Bin Laden put him in front of a mirror and let the confusion kill him
by Bob Bobberson June 07, 2005
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1.piece of crap
2.something that doesn't work
AOL is crap
by Bob Bobberson November 28, 2003
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1. An obscenity which is used to show a person has made a mistake or an accident has occured
Oh FUCKBEANS, i've lost my work
FUCKBENS, where is he/she
by Bob Bobberson November 17, 2003
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An Exclamation like Oh Yeah! and Bo' Selecta!
Boom Tiggy! (use instead of Oh yeah)
by Bob Bobberson November 25, 2003
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A medical condition that causes someone not to go to school for no reason.
related to skyving or to skyve
"I can't go to school, I have Skyviritis"
by Bob Bobberson June 06, 2005
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