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Very pretty and unique always bubbly

A very shy girl at first but with best friends she's on another level.
Usually very attentive smart and outgoing and caring who puts her friends before anything else.
Amazing personality best matches with most of her friends and very sensitive but is very brave and strong.

Chealsys are very attractive naturally no doubt about it ;')
Always very supportive, encouraging just someone you would need during a sad stage of your life
Friend 1 : I'm in need for a loyal friend

Friend 2: chealsy would be your option
by Kenn October 12, 2017
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The best friend anyone in the world could have.
One of the most hilarious, random, bubbly friends you will ever come across.

Always up to date on the latest fashions and gossip. A girl who will always put her friends in front of her and never expect anything in return.
A unique girl who is simply AMAZING and very energetic and fun(especially in bed ;D) and every girl wishes to be her and every guy wants her. Shes outgoing and loves to flirt and is always being crazy with her friends.
Oh and not to mention super smexyy..rawrr ;)
girl1: i need a new who is loyal, fun, crazy, awesome to be around, that always be making me laugh till me stomach hurts.
girl2: you need a friend like chealsy.
by iloveyou-chealsy March 30, 2010
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