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Reference to the John Candy movie "Summer Rental". When a person asks a dumb question or does something dumb, they are being a dumb swede.
Person 1: Oh no, I rounded off the head of this screw.

Rich: Righty tighty lefty loosey you dumb swede!!
by bluesurf1981 May 29, 2007

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From the movie "Summer Rental". Anyone who says or does something stupid can be called a dumb swede. It's a good insult for any occasion.
Frenchy: I rounded the head off this bolt.
Rich: Ahh you dumb swede!!
by Bluesurf1981 June 17, 2007

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1. Performing cunnilingus on a girl


2. Helping finish someone's breakfast.

This phase can be heard at a small diner that serves breakfast by a friendly waitress who does not get sexual innuendo.
While two people are sitting at a diner finishing their breakfast, the waitress notices the party is mostly done with their food. She walks over and asks the male in the party "do you want to munch on her waffle?" in reference to the sliver of waffle left on the female's plate.

This is followed by uncontrollable under- your-breath little-school-girl giggling and subsequent urbandictionary.com entry.
by Bluesurf1981 February 19, 2009

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Slang for breasts. If a girl is wearing a sweater you can look at her breasts and compliment her "buttons".
Wow, your buttons look...large tonight.
by bluesurf1981 July 20, 2006

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