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Someone of mixed black and asian ancestry.
I am blackanese, and my friend is Mexicanese.
by BlueScholar November 25, 2009

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The theory that the more effort you put in to fapping, the greater the orgasm you will achieve.
If you want that 30 minute long orgasm, you have to work for it. That's what fapitalism is all about.
by BlueScholar March 28, 2015

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a country in asia. also known as qazaqstan.
kazakhstan was a part of the soviet union.
by BlueScholar January 24, 2010

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Means -- Rolling On The Fucking Floor Fucking Laughing My Fucking Ass Off Out Fucking Loud.
Person 1: (Says something funny)

by BlueScholar May 14, 2010

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italians are filthy greasy womanizers who cant even go to the library and pry open a book with their little sausage fingers and see the beauty of other cultures instead of stereotypically judging all of them. stupid wop dagos.
Italian: you fucking looking at me?
by BlueScholar March 20, 2010

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a hispanic ethnicity in the caribbean. usually of african descent.
i am puerto rican so i am probably african.
by BlueScholar August 02, 2010

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