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Variation of son of a bitch. Often used by the comedian Bernie Mack.

Pronuciation: sum-ah-ma-bitch, say it real fast.
I beat that somamabitch until da white meat show'd.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
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Over twenty thousand years before the birth of --Anikan Skywalker--, dark jedi had stumbled upon the Sith race. The Sith beings dominated the then uncharted world of Korriban.

Star Wars creator, George Lucas, took the Gaelic word Sith meaning fairy or sprite. Gaelic lore describes sith as good natured, tiny, winged creatures that live in the woods. Lucas's Sith were a lighthearted, primitive race of force adepts (those who had the ability to tap into the force).

The primative Sith did not have a great understanding of the force and only used their natural abilities for basic tricks.

The dark jedi had been exhiled from the know universe after the Great Schism (100 year war among the Jedi Order over banning use of the dark side of the force.) When the surviving dark jedi arrived, they easily conqured, corrupted and enslaved the Sith beings. Sith beings were forced to worship the dark jedi as gods. Dark jedi became known as Sith Lords able to study and embrace the dark side of the force. Sith now refers to all people from Korriban, including dark jedi.

Over thousands of years the Sith Lords built a great civilization on Korriban and the surrounding star systems, Sith Empire.

The Jedi of the Republic and Sith Order had eventually forgoten about each other until a chance encounter. Centuries of warfare erupted between the two orders with the Jedi normally getting the best of the Sith.

Sith Lords are their own worst enemy. There order was often racked by infighting and other forms of desention. The head of order stayed in power until challenged (killed). To curb this this, new Sith Empires follow the strict code. "Always two there are....no more...no less. A master and an apprentice."
Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos,ruled 5,500 years before the events of Star Wars.
by Blowfish July 23, 2005
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1. A pimp and his bitches. Derived from the abuse (pimp slap) prostitutes receive at the hands of their pimps.

2. Cycle of domestic violence that spans many generations.

3. Any wife beater.
Yeah, that kid is in the slapahoe tribe. He learned how to treat women from his daddy.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
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1. Front battle lines of a conventional war.
2. A neighborhood with a high homicide rate.
Private Snuffy is heading back to the meat grinder with his unit.
by Blowfish July 23, 2005
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there are many meanings to the word: monnie, pronounced: MO-NNNNNIE

1)a special substance, aka: short person, who is unable to park

2)this short little flower will give nutrients and attire from her own back for a friend... especially if forced

3)cheerful and happy... you'd think monnies were on drugs. however, she lacks to share the wealth

4)tight with her family
one can view a monnie's behavior:

1)family closeness: will sleep w/ her son and daughter

2)can't park: finds it necessary to repark 3 times and travel around one's block to attain perfection

3)cheerful: monnies often finds it appropriate to bob head, like a doll on a dashboard. the sight of its happiness is quite amusing

by Blowfish March 4, 2003
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The famous African-American dancer, Bill Robinson, who taught Shirley Temple how to tap dance and starred with her in many movies.

Eventhough this Spanish American War vet, was celebrated. He was often descriminated against due to the color of his skin. Many artist such as Bob Dylan and Sammy Davis Jr have paid tribute to him through their art.

Bojangles came to represent oppressed or discriminated people who have a special warm and caring relationship with the children of the oppressor.
Granpa would even bojangles with kids of the KKK.
by Blowfish July 23, 2005
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1. The resulting cloud after a nuclear detonation.

2. To describe a person a person who is really, really mad.
Jeff's gonna lay a mushroom cloud when he finds out your bangin' his mom.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
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