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- the act of making out
- very affectionate snuggling
- romantic in the eyes of the cunoodlers but very disgusting to observers
The two lovebirds were cunoodling on a bench, I thought I was gonna barf.
by Blehck! June 29, 2009

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an annual celebration that takes place on October 21 celebrating orchards of blossoming apples every fall; celebrations include the making of apple cider and various 'apple based' games (usually takes place in United Kingdom)
Can't wait to eat loads of apples on Apple Day!
by Blehck! June 29, 2009

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the area where athletes await their scores
The figure skater nervously sat with her coach in the kiss and cry zone.
by Blehck! August 15, 2009

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When a party comes to a restaurant, eats a lot and decides to run away without paying the food bill.
' I only have a five dollar bill, darn! '

' That's ok, we'll do a chew n' screw. '
by Blehck! July 30, 2009

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- to casually go up to a random person and slap them, then to accuse them of something completely ridiculous and later laugh hysterically by yourself like a psycho

- also known as slauphs
" I just accused a guy of impregnating me, in front of his girlfriend! Ahhh... I love slap n' laughs!"
by Blehck! July 20, 2009

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- another word for cool

- homophones with famous drink Kool-Aide
That partayy was so Coolaide!
by Blehck! July 09, 2009

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A hateful phrase against President Obama usually used by republicans who are against his presidency; No Obama - Nobama, a combination of the two words
(John Mcain's rally cry) "Nobama! Nobama!"
by Blehck! July 01, 2009

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