todd: hey bill i heard she gave you crabs
bill: dmhs
by rodgerrabbit September 19, 2011
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Drayton Manor High School, Located in West London (To be precise, the west of west london)
Hi, I go to DMHS.
Drayton Manor High School
Oh man that school is very good.
by Blaminator May 22, 2005
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Steve: Shit man, you've got the 9 years of service badge on your Steam account?
Rory: I made a steam account when Half-Life 1 came out then didn't use it for 6 years.
Steve: DMHS
by Spongina December 31, 2013
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An acronym for the words Do Me Hard
(did me hard, done me hard)
by Leuu December 15, 2006
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Death Match Hero. Used to describe a player in a team based computer game (such as Quake CTF) who plays to get many frags rather then helping the team win.
Bungle is quite a DMH.
by gak September 14, 2006
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