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The massive retention of water in the legs due to various health issues. Also known to be caused by mental stress brought on by divorce, and specifically, divorce resulting from your spouses new found lesbianism.
Ryan: "Your legs are massive and look as though they are full of water."

Justin: "Don't make fun of me...I'm all fucked up. My wife is a lesbian and now I have water legs."

Ryan: "You make me want to vomit!"
by BlackPanther January 14, 2013

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The name of a particularly skinny individual, made from just skin and bones.

A Bones usually loves spending lengthy periods of time in the sun, and/or tanning himself by other means - i.e. sunbeds.

A Bones has a very unusual diet which consists mainly of salted chips and breaded meats, and/or pizza. Usual allergies include tea; coffee; coke and vegetables.

Oft called by names which rhyme with Bones, i.e. Fones, Zones, Ringtones, Puglet, Sun-lizard.

Often struggles at fantasy football.
"He's all bones that boy"

"Bone-saw's ready"

"Where's Bones?" "Tanning".
by Blackpanther June 12, 2012

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