5 definitions by BirkbeckPHDUM

{having anal sex with a guy without using lube}
Adrian:Yo yo why is that dude walking so strangely
Chloe: He got rammed last night by a pumpkin carver.
Adrian: Damn, those pumpkin carvers have no mercy
by BirkbeckPHDUM September 26, 2018
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A man who tries to have sex with other men in the urinals of public bathrooms
Lawrie: I was in the toilet and this man started smiling at me after he gazed at my pipe
Professor V: Watch out because he is a Peter Packing Peter Gazer, a dude who loves ramming other dudes after looking at their spears
Lawrie: Let's get the hell out of this area please
Professor V: Yeah, there are too many Gazing Packers out there
by BirkbeckPHDUM October 15, 2018
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A raging male homosexual who would have sex with any man, voluntary or involuntary.
Anita: why is Joe chasing these guys in the park.
Ade: ah, he is just a crazed Pipe Laying Peter Packer
Anita: dear me, I need to stay away from him
Ade: dont worry, Peter Packer only likes men
by BirkbeckPHDUM September 26, 2018
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A raging homo who after finishes busting someone's cheeks, eats their feces too
Ved: Why does that guy, Delroy, always stink
ADon: Because after he has sex with a dude, he also eats munches their cake too
Ved: What a disgusting, cheek busting cake muncher
Adon: Stay away from that creep
by BirkbeckPHDUM October 15, 2018
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A normal man who has spent time in prison and has become a raging sex crazed homosexual lunatic.
Big Herco: Why is no one calling Tim to go out anymore
Ved: after he spent some time in jail, he has become a Cheek Busting Peter Packer
Big Herco: Keep those cheek busters away from me, don't care if they are Packing or Gazing
by BirkbeckPHDUM September 28, 2018
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