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He is a character from Street Fighter. After Sagat's defeat at the hands of Ryu in the first Street Fighter Tournament, Sagat's pupil Adon became disenchanted with Sagat's power and broke away from his master, eventually becoming a hated enemy. He vows one day to defeat Sagat and prove that he is truely the Muay Thai kickboxing master.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
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Muay Thai practioner from Capcom fighting game Street Fighter.
Trained under Sagat.
Identified by:
- Permanent Sneer.
- Defined pectorals.
- Shaped hair.

Adon was elligible to be recruited into Shadowloo.
Adon spent most of his time in the Street Fighter circuit following Akuma, to defeat him and proove the might of Muay Thai.
"Adon's signature attacks ate the Jaguar Knee and Jaguar Keek."
by NeroMan June 16, 2003
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A person who thinks they know everything when in reality they know nothing. A person who has an opinion on everything yet the opinion is always wrong and their opinion often changes to mirror someone else's opinion because they have no self esteem or social skills. A person who wears business casual attire to work while everyone else dresses in jeans and t shirts. A spazz. An adult who rides their 10 speed bicycle to work. A person who claims to be the most interesting man in the world when in turn all their experiences in life are untrue. A person whos idea for fun is owning an oxygen bar. A person who would attend college and not party but drive people home in a golf cart sober while avoiding attacks by drunk frat guys.
Did you see that fucking spazz trying to tell people not drinking and huffing oxygen is cool? What a Don.

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by Piledriver69 September 28, 2010
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Literally meaning "lord, patron" is the name of graffiti writer from Delaware that represents PCK, DDT, and TKS crews respectively.
Q: Did you see ADON do a throwie on that wall near walmart?
A: Yeah that shit was dope son!
by Kufi Smacker November 30, 2010
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