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A person who hates emos and thinks that there life is all about death and wearing black and they have nothing to do
Person1: Emokid do you want me to push you over the cliff
Person2: No shut up
Person3: dont worry about him hes just a Emoist! SCUM!!!
by Billza February 14, 2008
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Sounds like: Metallic precision with billigerent bite.

Key Bands: Suicidal tendencies,The Cro-mags,Coalesce,Hatebreed,Killswitch Engage,Shadows fall.

The Look: As much a mishmash a the sound with eyeliner and neck tattoos.

Person1: MetalCore is just a form of metal
Pundit: Hmm Shallow and perdatic
Pundit2: Perhaps!
by Billza February 14, 2008
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Killing My Self Laughing, bit like PMSL.
Guy1:(on msn) writes joke
Guy2:(on msn) KMSL !!!
by Billza February 14, 2008
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A person that likes grunge music and possible dressing like one to (black clothing and jeans) but from some weird reason
"chavs" are now hitting on anyone in black clothing or just if they like a little drum and bass? i been taking this for years and i have finaly grow bigger than the rest to stand up to them and now this is m final say to stop them getting hurt.. But i have unearthed some infomation about chavs so next time someone calls u a Gruger call them a ignorant person because that is what it means back 1000's of years ago when romans took britain they called some celts chavs because they was scruffy ignorant people his helps! so now my friends use this to combat the chavs even if you just like a bit of drum and bass
(Normal English might help)

Chav: Hey Grungers!
Grungers: shut up you ignorant person
Chav: :o !!! =
by Billza February 14, 2008
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Used back in 50BC a early form of hoody's and likely to be a assassin's like Assassin's Creed
King: Look its a Droid! take him! he maybe a assassin!
Guards: Kill him!!!!!!
by Billza February 14, 2008
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