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The absolute best of headphone technology. Most owners of TRUE headpwns scoff at those that wear Bose headphones. Many headpwn owners spend a great deal of their life on www.head-fi.org, chatting it up with other fellow headpwn owners and collectively scoffing at Bose.

TRUE headpwn brands include:

- Sennheiser
- Beyerdynamic
- Ultrasone
- Audio Technica
- Grado
Headpwn wannabe - 'Sup guys, check out my Bose headpwns

True audiophile - Bose? HAHAHA! Quite funny my friend!

Headpwn wannabe - But Bose is the best!

True audiophile - Take a listen to my Sennheiser HD800.

Headpwn wannabe - OH MY GOD..... *head explodes*
by Bile2 February 28, 2010

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A skin condition which causes the oil glands to over-produce oils. This can be quite inconvenient when having to shake hands. It also poses quite a problem with using iPod touchs/iPhones because the dried on grease gets caked on the screen.
Person 1 - Hello good sir, how are you?

Greasy Hander - Fine *shakes hand*

Person 1 - Eww... Runs away and disinfects hands.

--------------------------Situation 2---------------------------

Person 1 - Can I borrow your iPod touch?

Greasy Hander - Here... *hands over iPod*

Person 1 - Eww, why is the screen all rough and greasy feeling?

Greasy Hander - Its just mah greasy hands!
by bile2 February 19, 2010

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A student who finds themselves "on the edge" of a new grade at the end of the quarter. For example, a person with a 96 A that only needs a few points to reach a 97 A+. A skilled GPA Negotiator will often times BEG their teacher for ANY last minute extra credit or ANYTHING THEY CAN DO to get their grade up a mere few points. A successful GPA Negotiator will often use guilt tactics and and make sure they tell their teacher that the "want to succeed," when in reality it is just to get their grade up by doing little to no effort. GPA Negotiation is the main cause of GPA Inflation.
------------ Example of a GPA Negotiator at work------------

Student - Excuse me, Mr. Smith. I would like to talk to you about my grade

Teacher - Yes? You have a 96 in this class

Student - Yes, however I REALLY need to get it up to an A+ so my parents will be proud of me. Is there ANYTHING I can do to raise it a mere 1 point?

Teacher - Well... I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I will allow you to write a small paper for a point extra credit. Turn it in to me tomorrow and don't tell you any of your peers

Student - Thank you very much, I am very appreciative......... *walks of with a smug grin*
by Bile2 March 29, 2010

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An unusual form of walking often performed by people that sag their pants. The shuffle allows the pants to remain on the legs without falling off. The performer of the Buddha shuffle pivots his/her body along the axis of each leg while keeping their arms locked to the side of the legs

Alternately, the performer of the Buddha shuffle can sing the lyrics "Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha, Rockin' Everywheya. This adds to the effect of the shuffle.
Buddha Shuffler - "Buddha Buddha Buddha Rockin' Everywheya"

On Looker 1 - What is that guy doin'?

On Looker 2 - Oh, That's just the Buddha Shuffle, It keeps his pants from falling down

On Looker 1 - Oh, ok then.
by Bile2 February 20, 2010

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Slang for the musical instrument, trombone.

Trompwns absolutely pwn all other instruments with trompwn suicides and lame sexual jokes.
Trompwn player - Wanna hear a good pickup line?

Regular Guy - Ok, sure

Trompwn player - "Hey baby, Trompwns do it in all 7 positions"

Regular Guy - Wow, that simply pwns all other pickup lines. I wish I could play the trompwn..
by bile2 March 03, 2010

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An intense interjection that shows extreme emotion. Used to show excitement or disbelieve.
BWOAH a B in English BWOAH
by bile2 February 11, 2010

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