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The absolute best of headphone technology. Most owners of TRUE headpwns scoff at those that wear Bose headphones. Many headpwn owners spend a great deal of their life on, chatting it up with other fellow headpwn owners and collectively scoffing at Bose.

TRUE headpwn brands include:

- Sennheiser
- Beyerdynamic
- Ultrasone
- Audio Technica
- Grado
Headpwn wannabe - 'Sup guys, check out my Bose headpwns

True audiophile - Bose? HAHAHA! Quite funny my friend!

Headpwn wannabe - But Bose is the best!

True audiophile - Take a listen to my Sennheiser HD800.

Headpwn wannabe - OH MY GOD..... *head explodes*
by Bile2 February 28, 2010
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