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Sleazy, down and dirty, acting like a cheap hooker.
Michaela is a skanky-ass ho.
by Big Kev April 04, 2003

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The term to describe wear and tear on women who have either had alot of sex, or the amount of kids she gave birth to.
Devin was dating Katie. However, due to the mileage that she had on her with 6 kids, and a well known hoodrat she was, he decided to break it off with her completely.
by Big Kev October 23, 2005

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To be soused in alcohol, or have a lot to drink.
After a hard day's work, I like to crack open a bottle of Jack Daniel's and marinade myself.
by Big Kev April 04, 2003

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Smoother way to say the word "Dude".
What up Doo ? Calm Down Doo. Damn Doo your breezy is all that and a bag of chips .
by Big Kev October 02, 2003

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