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When the lower region of a mans scrotum is burned while sun bathing.
I was trying to get a tan yesterday at the beach, but didn't notice my balls hanging out of my shorts. I fell asleep and woke up later with lobster balls! OUCH!!!
by Big Guy JT January 10, 2009
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When a man receives a hand job in public, but conceiled underneath a coat, jacket, shirt, blanket, cardboard box, sheet metal, whatever!!! You get the point!
I was at the football game on Sunday, and the girl next to me hooked it up with an Anne Frank Spank. I ruined my favorite Dolphin's polo.
by Big Guy JT January 09, 2009
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Anyone who will always say that they have seen a celebrity, wherever they go. These frequent encounters usually occur, when the person suffering from this disease is alone.
Patsy: You're not going to believe who I saw at Denny's today!!!

Jakeson: Oh boy, here we go again!

Patsy: It was Willie from the hit TV series ALF! He was my waiter!

Jakeson: Dude, that guy died 6 years ago, you're such a Celebriphiliac!!!
by Big Guy JT January 11, 2009
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When a black person imitates a white person in a stereotypical manner.
After a nice game of golf with my fellow yacht club buddies, I went to a comedy show and as I walked to my table, the African American comedian went Mock Honkey on me, making fun of how I walk!
by Big Guy JT January 10, 2009
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When an old pet (or person) is annoying and due to this escalating annoyance, you begin to reduce the quality of their final burial place.
My cat is so damn annoying, I'm degraving him daily. I started off thinking I would take him to the humane society for euthanizing, then I thought of burying him in the backyard, then in the garbage, now I'm gonna just throw his ass on a busy street as roadkill!
by Big Guy JT April 15, 2009
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When you pass some gas within your throat, but it doesn't exit your mouth for completion as a burp.
Wife: What was the gurgle I just heard? It sounded like a wet fart from your throat!

Husband: Oh, just a little Esophagas...
by Big Guy JT April 15, 2009
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