30 definition by Big Tim

a teacher that never misses a day of school or who has smart ass remarks to counter smartass remarks.
god Mr. Ramerez is such an iron man he never misses a day of school
by big tim August 24, 2004

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Any cheap 40 or 22 oz of malt liquor, not particulary known for the taist but rather to get drunk as fuck. Preferably St Ides or Colt 45.
Danny drinks the rot gut because he wants to get fucked up

You guys dont drink that rot gut for the taist! you drink it to get drunk!!!
by big tim June 06, 2005

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Universal superlative adjective, also synonymous with "cool"
We need to get some turbo hot chicks in here.
by Big Tim July 31, 2003

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Cheaply manufactured pistol, usually in caliber .22, that no self-respecting, law abiding citizen would consider using to defend him or herself from some punkass shit wielding said firearm. The rest of us use real guns. Go ahead, Al Gore, ban them. Takes the attention away from the fuckin Brady Bill. Thank God it's over next year. More mags for that L1A1 I'm lookin at.
"Your gun says 'Replica'. My gun says 'Desert Eagle .50'"
by Big Tim August 01, 2003

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A guido chariot. Cars that look fast but really they suck.Although better than a honda or any of those fucking jap cars that people think are fast. Used to be a IROZ version that was alright. Stands for Italian Retard Out Crusing
look at that comero IROZ.....oh i bet its a guido driving it
by big tim February 03, 2005

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One of the greatest NHL dynastys winning four straight stanley cups (80-83). Although there were darker times (94-2000) they are still better than the other new york teams. People that are islander fans are not as much of assholes as ranger fans
Man the lockout really sucks, i cant watch the islanders anymore.

I was enjoying a hockey game at the collisum when some stupid fuck behind me was chanting ''lets go rangers'' islanders suck when they were kickin ass, stupid fuckin guido
by big tim February 03, 2005

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Colecovision. Original Donkey Kong. Respect it.
Do you guys wanna play some Qbert?
by Big Tim July 31, 2003

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