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When a person gives a melvin (wedgie) to an unsuspecting soul and proceeds to make them walk forward or lose their cherished jewels.
Bro: "Dude, why are you walking like you've been butt plugged?" Dude: "Fuck Bro, Man crept up behind me yesterday and gave me the ultimate Melvintrot. He made me tiptoe around the block, i'm lucky my sac ain't bleeding!"
by Big Polla October 28, 2011
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A big, gnarly spit wad with a large green booger in it.
Damn Jared just honked a greasy Looch in his ashtray.
by Big Polla May 9, 2018
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Delcie shivered in ecstasy when I nibbled her love buds.
by Big Polla February 1, 2018
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The corporate ladder of a company run by total dickheads.
Did you get your promotion yet?.... No. I'm still at the bottom of the Scrotum Pole.
by Big Polla November 12, 2017
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A mixture of PEE-YOO and NASTY. A very versatile word that describes anything bad, disgusting or foul.
From behind a bedroom door: Debbie: "Oooh David. Eat my pussy!" David: "sniff sniff {gag} whiff Fuck no bitch, you're POOSTY!! Shmelly ho!!!".......Alan stop farting, you POOSTY fucktard!!.......I can't eat this POOSTY fruitcake!!.......That band sucked last night they were so damned POOSTY!
by Big Polla January 5, 2012
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your penis. anyone's penis. just another name for a pecker.
i whipped out my pork fork and took a leak!
by Big Polla September 1, 2008
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When someone shits their pants, it's the loaf in their underwear that they haven't cleaned out yet.
Dude you frickin' STINK!!! ...Sorry man, I've got a potch in my pants.
by Big Polla March 3, 2018
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